About Us

At Midland Public Service District, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents!

The Randolph County Commission created the Midland Water Service District on September 8, 1964 for the purpose of supplying water service within its territory. On September 15, 1986 the name was changed to Midland Public Service District by the County Commission when Midland began providing sewer service in addition to water service.

MPSD purchases its water from the City of Elkins and delivers wastewater back to the City for treatment, but maintains its own distribution and collection lines.

MPSD rates are considered to be very low, compared to other systems in the state. The rankings are, water 83 of 367 and sewer 95 of 321. At the end of March 2017 we had 1457 water customers and 899 sewer customers.

MPSD’s service area reaches in many directions. We begin service at the Western Steer Steakhouse and continue south to connect with the City of Beverly just before Dr. Pritt’s Vet office.

Our area extends out Ward Rd. to the Bridgewater development and out Haddix Road, then along the Airport/ Country Club Rd. to the curve just before the golf course. On the other side of the 5-lane, we serve the Glenmore area, out Isner Creek Rd and on Rt. 33 East to Kelly Mountain Rd. There is also a small area behind the Econo-Lodge that we serve. Service extends up Cheoweth Creek Rd. a couple of miles past Harts Chapel Church and out Evans Rd. We serve the Pineview development and Elliots Ridge Rd.

  • MPSD has three water reservoirs.
  • MPSD has several sewage lift stations scattered throughout the district.
  • MPSD has approximately 50 miles of water line and 50 fire hydrants, 45 miles of sewer lines and 500 manholes.
  • Midland Public Service District is governed by the rules set forth by the West Viginia Public Service Commission.